Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Release Date: 23 March 2015

New Features
  • Instrument Manager: Raise and view issues: creates a note with a description and option links to a component or diagram
  • Instrument Manager: Loop preview and automatic loops now show more complete connectivity including multiple devices and cables per stage
  • Instrument Manager: Loop preview and automatic loops now trace fieldbus circuits. New terminal group types IX# and OX# for Fieldbus devices
  • Instrument Manager: Expanded user levels: Read only, Raise issues, Request document generation, Write, Administrator
  • Instrument Manager: Future support for cloud-based IM projects
  • Paneldes: Added new samples for ceiling and floor tray support brackets. Metric only
  • Paneldes: More attributes added to 3D label blocks for data querying or display
  • Paneldes: Added catalog for Cooper B-Line cable tray, CatgCP
  • Instrument Manager: Added catalog entry examples for Profibus and Fieldbus hubs, decoupler, terminator and power conditioner.
  • Instrument Manager: Added Channel column to Terminal Groups table. Data must be filled in manually.
  • Instrument Manager: Loop component templates modified extensively to suit improved automatic loop drawing.
  • Instrument Manager: Added Pressure Transmitter hookup template.
  • Instrument Manager: All drawing templates changed to use simplex.shx in place of romans.shx font to fix text rendering when saved as PDF.
  • Instrument Manager: Performance improvements for higher latency servers (optimize pattern of queries to SQL server)
  • Instrument Manager: Performance improvements when generating automatic loop diagrams
  • Instrument Manager: Additional performance improvements
  • Ebase: Added option for wire revisions to use only terminations without wire name when identifying existing revised wires
Bugs Fixed
  • Elecdes: Building Layout symbols menu not available in Imperial. Needed "Building_Layout*" in setupConfig.dbf to find Building_Layout_I.dbf
  • Elecdes: 2D panel layout insertion was not setting catalog ratings in the symbol. Was still using Paneldes attributes
  • Instrument Manager: Projects could not be reopened if the previous load was cancelled (or failed)
  • Instrument Manager: Width of [Hookup Diagram Template] column in [Hookup_Hookups] was not wide enough to accommodate the longest supplied template name
  • Instrument Manager: Connecting to a server was failing if a web based server was provided (ie, using a DNS name)
  • Instrument Manager: Database permission test was not compatible with some SQL Server configurations
  • Instrument Manager: Space padding was being added to data in some text columns in the a SQL database
  • Instrument Manager: Background reading of pages of modified database data was blocking foreground thread
  • Ebase: Materials reporting did not eliminate multi-way terminals extras arising from spares added to a Wirediag terminal strip.
  • Ebase: Materials reporting contained duplicate entries if a device was shown in multiple wiring diagrams to split a large diagram.
  • Wirediag: Spanish text on "Properties to Retain" dialog was too long

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