Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Postby Kris » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:26 am

Release Date: 21 May 2015

  • Elecdes: Imperial ribbon provided in Spanish installation but uses English text
  • Instrument Manager: New warning if second instrument is associated with an I/O channel
  • Instrument Manager: Added "Paste link" to Terminal Group for pasting instrument to be associated
  • Instrument Manager: New warning if editing user properties will erase the password for a user
  • Paneldes: Automatically reduces bend radius if two consecutive corners will not fit without overlap in a polyline traced route
Bugs Fixed
  • Conductor Routing: Bottleneck status was randomly reported on locked routes when there was no problem
  • DGN Converter: Cell tags were incorrectly positioned and fixed at Left Top justification regardless of original attribute justification
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed crash if terminal strip is added to a terminal strip diagram that is being viewed in edit mode
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed crash in connection view and preview if a connected terminal is unlinked from its parent strip
  • Instrument Manager: Recent performance improvement for loading aliases was actually preventing them from being loaded
  • Instrument Manager: Username with a hyphen would not show in the user list
  • Instrument Manager: "Remove user" did not write the correct changes to the INI file to erase the user login
  • Paneldes: Attempt to unload ARX when running plain AutoCAD was unloading the wrong ARX filename
  • Paneldes: Fixed some incorrect corner / riser choices for polyline traced routes
  • Paneldes: Split tray with T was creating one of the split straight parts upside down
  • Paneldes: Tray alignment to corner would always default to one end upside down
  • Wirediag: Ribbon entry broken when WD Audit functions were added. Did not show icon and did not function as WD

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