Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Postby Kris » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:26 am

Release Date: 9 June 2015

  • Instrument Manager: P&ID Linking Wizard now recognises the databases of AutoCAD P&ID 2013 and later and pre-selects "Link to AutoCAD P&ID"
  • Instrument Manager: Keyboard focus is set to the tagname grid editor on the component builder dialog
Bugs Fixed
  • Block Manager: Was quitting prematurely if "Replace existing attribute with new definition" was unchecked and an existing attribute was found
  • Block Manager: Attribute positions were not correct when replacing a block if block reference was scaled
  • Instrument Manager: New method of writing data to the database could not write data that contained a single quotation mark
  • Setup: Was incorrectly claiming that GstarCAD had not been run when it had

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