Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Postby Kris » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:26 am

Release Date: 26 August 2015

  • Elecdes: Pick cable or wire from appropriate conductor schedule report from any project from insert dialog
  • Instrument Manager: DBF alias for Rating field for wires and cables is now RATING instead of RATING1 which was a catalog field not a report field
  • Instrument Manager: Increase default and minimum size of the core-terminal connection dialog
  • Instrument Manager: New linking prefixes added to Column Picker
  • Instrument Manager: CADWorx P&ID relational aliases added to the database template
  • Instrument Manager: New relational alias <Channel Name> for #A10:Tagname#
  • Instrument Manager: CONDITIONS column added to all sample import mapping files. Column is empty but provides correct DBF structure
Bugs Fixed
  • Instrument Manager: Fix missing vertical scroll bar on connection view
  • Instrument Manager: Fix for program hanging on Ok-to-All if more cores are connected to fewer terminals in core-terminal connection dialog
  • Instrument Manager: Changed CADWorx P&ID map file to prevent blank in FUNCTION_ from importing an invalid instrument entry
  • Instrument Manager: Update Database from Template was failing if the views (specified in the text file) already existed

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