Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Postby Kris » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:29 am

Release Date: 29 Sept 2015

  • Elecdes: Performance improvement for "Insert from BOM" or "Insert Subcomponent" with a large number of subcomponents or slow catalog store
  • Miscellaneous: CABLEFACTR column in CABSCH and RCABSCH template increased to 20 to accommodate NEC large cable diameters in imperial
Bugs Fixed
  • Cable Scheduler: Update Database from Template was failing if the views (specified in the text file) already existed
  • Ebase: Drawing extraction could write wire marker cache without their line handles thus leaving lines as unlabelled in connection reports
  • Elecdes: Fixed introductory text on termination block (CONX) insertion dialog to be an informative well-formed sentence
  • Elecdes: Fix crash in Insert Used Block due to pointer truncation (64bit only)
  • Instrument Manager: Fix for the ALTER VIEW statements for Update Database from Template. Fix for the IM fix for Update Database
  • Paneldes: Previous conduit labels were not erased when re-constructing a ductbank
  • Paneldes: Ductbank editor assigned wrong names to the length-corner-length group when re-constructing a ductbank corner or riser
  • Setup: AutoCAD selection was defaulting to "None"
  • Wirediag: BARCOND was recognised from only the first wire marker found. Not found if present on only subsequent markers for the same wire

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