Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Release Date: 2 Oct 2015

  • Conductor Routing: Snug fit for conduit now based on user-set snug fit distance (previously just for tray). Removed calculation based on radius
  • Database Editor: Double click on a cell will now begin editing when in "Select when entering a cell" mode. Previously required two separated single clicks
  • Database Editor: Clicking to edit on the current cell will set the cursor position now instead of beginning edit mode with the whole text selected
  • Install: Change to Access database engine detection to prevent EDS from interfering with the driver installed by AutoCAD Electrical or Civil.
  • Install: Access database engine 2010 redistributable updated to 14.0.6119.5000 in full installer
  • Instrument Manager: "Filter" added to the pop-up menu for filterable grid edit views. This gives obvious access to the feature to filter the rows by the column
  • Instrument Manager: New error message if the ODBC connection has been terminated (e.g. by Sleep) that state the project must be closed and re-opened
  • Global Editor: Image file out-of-date check now rejects files of a copied project if they appear up-to-date but creation time is later than modification time
  • Paneldes: Set Drawing Scale on a drawing with no datumsc block will now insert the block unless cancelled
  • Miscellaneous: Grid editor: Pop-up menu from the edit box for a single cell is now the program pop-up menu and not the default edit box pop-up menu
Bugs Fixed
  • Block Manager: Replace symbol of one style with another was being too non-specific about finding symbols with "a style".
  • Database Editor: Navigate to Component failed on a copy of the FromToWire report because it was looking for WIRENAME not WIRE
  • Ebase: Core sheet generation failed to update the core information on the sheets if there were one or more blank named cables
  • Ebase: Materials reports now use "Fixed Length" if specified on segments
  • Elecdes: Fixed problem with lines breaking around wire markers when the line is modified by the Heal function. Shows up readily in GstarCAD
  • Elecdes: Fixed remaining large toolbar icons that were 24 pixels instead of 32 pixels square
  • Elecdes: Fixed crash running Make Catalog due to pointer truncation (64bit only)
  • Elecdes: Fixed the "Load ACAD.LSP into each drawing" prompt always appearing by supplying an empty AcadLspAsDoc.lsp file
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed .NET error after right click on a grid editor that had no rows
  • Instrument Manager: Column filter in edit mode now trims whitespace like list mode. A single space entered to replace the filter will now clear the filter
  • Instrument Manager: Column filter in edit mode is now also applied by clicking out of the edit box, not just by pressing [Enter]. Now same as list mode
  • Instrument Manager: Using Filter from list view pop-up menu set the filter in the title but did not apply the filter to the list contents
  • Instrument Manager: Progress window for copying a template for a new database was behind the SQL database choice window
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed silent failure retrieving the list of SQL Server databases. Buffers for retrieving server list and database list were too small
  • Instrument Manager: The change to retain sort state of the edit view had not been applied to output diagram folders
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed problem coping with a comma in the path name when generating or opening output diagrams
  • Instrument Manager: Stopped "File > Update database from current template" from incorrectly asking for a SQL Server administrator login when using Access
  • Instrument Manager: Fixed database querying error on refresh after deleting a custom loop table that previously had loop diagram records
  • Instrument Manager: Refresh would show a database querying error after deleting a custom loop table that had previously contained loop diagram records
  • Name Sequencer: Was accepting value without first main part if second part was a wildcard, e.g. "abcd" for a sequence of [1+1]
  • .
  • Paneldes: Fixed errors operating Route Locking dialog if the sort order of the lists was changed. Was crashing or operating on the wrong item
  • Paneldes: Incorrect key press during route placement now does not stop further (correct) key presses from being recognised
  • PLC Builder: Failed to draw the wiring macros when going through the card choice and choosing the same card as last time
  • PLC Builder: Fixed crash re-selecting I/O card when running in Spanish due to undersized buffer for translated text
  • PLC Builder: Fixed loading MFG code when editing an existing PLC I/O card configuration file
  • Wirediag: Wiring diagram drawing with no layer.ref file would cause errors because it tried to use colour 0 for white. Should be 7
  • Wirediag: Fixed crash if new terminals are inserted into sorted positions and some terminals use templates
  • Wirediag: "Wire label IEC" was not shown in correct order of terminations within the value for diagrams from that use templates
  • Miscellaneous: Grid Editors: Ctrl-I to increment was incrementing by an increasing amount for each separate cell that was edited

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