Release notes of current and past EDS product releases
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Postby Kris » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:30 am

Release Date: 21 Oct 2015

  • Instrument Manager: Now quietly skips missing P&ID tables from a linked database. AutoCAD P&ID delays creating tables until they are first required
  • Miscellaneous: Retrieves native SQL/ODBC numeric error code when calling the SQL/ODBC error reporting function
  • Miscellaneous: Removed warning about 2013 drawing format support being in beta, which has been supported fully since
Bugs Fixed
  • Block Manager: Update drawings with new symbol definitions failed to update border and wire connect dot blocks
  • Ebase: Fixed BSUM reporting incorrect PNLNO on extra parts
  • Ebase: "3+ terminations with duplicate order" warning was appearing when no termination (CONX) blocks were inserted
  • Ebase: Revision backup now makes a copy of the MDB files of the project (CS or IM database and EDS Reports)
  • Elecdes: Insert dialog for a cable core marker did not reload the list of suitable core names when the catalog specification was changed
  • Elecdes: Insert dialog for a single-line cable marker was re-setting the cable name when returning from the catalog tab
  • Elecdes: Was not finding 2D layout blocks for devices inserted in terminal strips
  • Elecdes: "Cross-reference this sheet" crashed if all of the subcomponents were marked as "No Xref" in RSTATUS
  • Elecdes: "Delete unused headers" option did not delete the header if all of the subcomponents were marked as "No Xref" in RSTATUS
  • Global Editor: Prevents writing Global Edit changes to the cache if it fails to apply the changes to the drawings
  • Instrument Manager: Child formula ordering (e.g. K2, K3, K1+2 etc) was failing to fetch the correct child record and sometimes failing to even fetch a record
  • Instrument Manager: Now have the option to not connect the cable screen when building a new instrument or device
  • Instrument Manager: No warning was produced by import and results could be incorrect if lookup mapping specifies source-file columns that don't exist
  • Instrument Manager: "Advanced insert" and probably other similar grid editor functions did not save the modified data
  • Instrument Manager: Suppress erroneous warning when copying a table with no identity column from a template into SQL Server via SqlDbCopy
  • Instrument Manager: Was not offering to add a datasheet for new enclosures and new valves (or other user types)
  • Instrument Manager: Prevent adding diagram templates from non-standard folders because they cannot be found later
  • Instrument Manager: Datasheet generation now reads the current settings for maximum rows and columns to read without requiring a restart
  • Instrument Manager: Pick dialog for output diagrams was showing list columns suitable for components not for diagrams
  • Paneldes: Scale and snap setting function was not setting the snap in each model view
  • Miscellaneous: Find-file function can now find files in paths where the final folder name contains a dot

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