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Paneldes Raceway

Electrical Raceway Design and Cable Routing Software

Paneldes Raceway is the 3D CAD design module of EDS used for the creation of Plant Raceway models. Paneldes software performs cable routing, cable filling and cable length calculations, as well as interference analysis and materials reporting.

For Construction Engineers with Electro-Mechanical Design Requirements

Paneldes Raceway software is for construction engineers with electro-mechanical design and cable management requirements, such as those designing plant cable raceway, ductbank, cable tray and cable ladder layout, and cable routing.

Compatible with AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, and LusoCAD.

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Intro: Construction

Intro: Cable Routing and Reporting

Substation Design: 3D Raceway and Cable Routing


Automated Cable Routing

  • Software algorithm for automated cable route optimisation, and calculation of cable length and fill.
  • Filling optionally compliant with N.E.C.
  • Override auto-routes by manually specifying an entire route or set "way-points" through which the conductor must pass.
  • Override auto-routes by manually locking routes.
  • User defined levels of cable power segregation and mixing.
  • Project milestone based cable route issues are handled and managed. Design/ routing and installation can be overlapped for fast turnaround projects with the "ROUTED/ISSUED/PULLED" system. This system provides milestone based "partial cable/route/fill schedules" which do not conflict as the installation progresses.
  • Cable tray and conduit "Snug Fit" system optimises cable routing linearity and speed by intelligently and statistically optimising cable raceway intersections.
  • Automated 3D cable route diagram with integral labelling and fill intelligence.
  • Raceway network consistency checker. This highlights potential problems in an electrical raceway network.

Cable Raceway, Cable Tray, and Cable Ladder Design

  • Parametric shapes for Areas, Enclosures, Devices, Instruments, Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Trench, Conduit, Ductbank, Fittings, Accessories with Automated 3D SNAP.
  • User defined 3D and 2D block options for visual accuracy.
  • Automated model creation / device / instrument insertion from a database of components with their 3D locations.
  • Automated "Ductbank Editor" is a tool to create and edit parallel arrays of conduit in concrete filled trenches.
  • Automated "incremental" tag name defaulting - with user programmable tagnames!
  • Automated selection of components from preliminary one lines and block diagrams AND final circuit diagrams.
  • Database driven component sizing/block selection via Elecdes catalog databases [ODBC].
  • Automated bill of materials and quantity summary.
  • Component placement cross checks.
  • Tag name duplication cross checks.
  • Database driven global editor for changing tags, specs and sizes of multiple components in a single operation.
  • "Query" function provides fill and other details about the cable and the raceway segments.

CAD Software Integration

  • Integration with AutoCAD 2013-2024.
  • Integration with BricsCAD Pro v21-v23.
  • Integration with GstarCAD/LusoCAD Professional 2018-2024.
  • Adds electrical CAD toolbars, menus, and commands to your CAD software user interface.
  • Adds electrical CAD ribbon tabs to the AutoCAD user interface.
  • GstarCAD Professional can be bundled with EDS for users without a current CAD software package.
  • System Requirements

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