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Electrical Drafting Services

Elecdes ManPower

Elecdes ManPower provides an "overload" electrical drawing service to assist our customers in completing their Electrical and Instrumentation documentation requirements.

Our designers and draftsmen will produce electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, one line diagrams, loop diagrams, materials lists, plc index report, drawing index reports and other diagrams.

We will create diagrams in the following standards, IEEE, IEC, BS, AS, JIC, ISA , ISO and most importantly... your internal standard.

Output can be in DWG, DGN or PDF format.

Our team is large enough to cater for your job and the resource you are allocated is scalable ensuring completion of your job before your deadline.

We have great references from customers in most parts of the world and have very competitive rates!

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As Built Drawings

Do you need as built drawings completed without spending a fortune? Elecdes ManPower offers a cost effective outsourcing solution to complete as built drawing updates. Wherever your project is based, we will complete updates to meet your local requirements and drawings can be exchanged via ftp, email, fax or courier.

We work closely with our customers to establish project guidelines and delivery timeframes and assign a project engineer to review all drawings to ensure they are of the highest standard before delivery.

Send us your CAD files and the marked-up (red-lined) drawings, as PDF or paper form. We will update the drawings and return electronically on completion for approval. Drawings may be returned to us for modification if required before obtaining the final sign off. Typically, customers will send their drawing requirements in batches.

Since the 1990’s, we have been helping project managers, electrical engineers, consultants, switchgear and relay panel builders, plant inspectors, electricians and cable project engineers with their drawing requirements.

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Legacy Drawing Conversion

Elecdes ManPower provides legacy drawing conversion services for the "off the shelf" EDS Electrical and Instrumentation design software. In many cases EDS customers who have been using basic AutoCAD (or other CAD packages) for many years may wish to convert thousands of old drawings to the new intelligent EDS format. This is very possible and can be as simple as creating a few macros, however in many cases where drawings contain no intelligence/structure OR they are on paper only, a partial or full re-draw may be necessary.

Elecdes ManPower will use the fast automation tools of EDS to convert your drawings as required from whatever format they are in.

These legacy projects are typically priced on a job size and difficulty basis.

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